A Gigantic Green Structure With Water Circulation SystemWaterhuis

Waterhuis, a Collage of a House

Exhibitions: follyDOCK EXPO, Hijplaat/Rotterdam, 2009

Beeldentuin, Anningahof, Zwolle 2009-2010

wood, tar and paint, 170 x 420 x 160cm

On the overgrown grounds of the harbor stands a green structure. Inside it you can hear streaming water. From a distance it looks like a house, but nothing seems to be in the correct place. The function of this structure remains elusive.

The house’s elements are combined in new ways that ignore all standard rules. Doors and windows are switched around or changed in dimensions. The ducts that extend upwards appear to be the drainpipes. A collector tray on top seems to catch water. The water continues to stream downwards from the middle of the structure. The artist built the wooden structure in the spacious RDM workshop used by follyDOCK. ESHA covered the entire structure with a green roof covering. The water in the construction is pumped in a circular fashion and collected in the water basin beneath.