Studio Visies – Kim Hospers – Inspiratiebronnen

Kim Hospers

How does entertainment work? Can I eternalize myself? Are there positive sides to nihilism?

These are the kind of questions I like to cope with in my work. By visualising different approaches I hope to find clarity for me and my audience. Never a black and white answer, because everything is always way more complicated then we can possibly imagine. Currently I am working on a serie about sex and violence. These two topics have been subject of depictions from the earliest known artistic expressions of mankind and have never stopped playing a huge role since. Throughout history and different cultures, the way to approach these topics highly varied. Is our current opinion valid, looking at this rich diversity? How can it be that we are so attracted by these themes, but are repelled by them at the same time? By exploring and visualising various ideas, I hopefully get closer to a truth if there is one.