Exploring Europe – The Unhealthy Reality of Big Food

As I started to plan my journey around Europe, I also began to take a closer look at how our food is being produced. What I found out was quite eye-opening! After taking a peek at the fine print of pizza boxes and cornflake boxes, it became very clear that the majority of food production is in the hands of just a few global players.

It’s no a secret that these large companies are driven by profit margins rather than quality or sustainability. This means we get cheaper products which often contain unhealthy additives like sugar, preservatives, and artificial colors – none of which are good for our health or environment.

What’s more worrying is that many countries have little control over their own agriculture industry due to free trade agreements between countries – this leaves local farmers unable to compete against mass-produced agricultural goods from abroad as well as making it difficult for them to access markets within their own country if prices become too high due to imported competition from other nations. 

As consumers we can try to support local producers whenever possible. It’s important that we start paying attention not only what goes into our bodies but also where exactly things come from.