Exploring Astonishment through Bronze Sculptures

During my artist in residence period at beeldenstoorm – MAKE Eindhoven in 2006, I created a series of bronze sculptures to reflect on the interplay between 2- and 3-dimensional work. The goal was not only to explore this concept but also to capture and express the feeling of astonishment through art. Through these works, I sought to convey Plato’s idea that being perplexed or amazed by something can lead us towards greater understanding. The installation serves as a reminder that sometimes we must be willing to embrace our confusion before we can make sense of it all.

The way of presentation refers to the way Greek and Roman sculptures are presented in the Glyptothek München. The museum house the collection of King Ludwig I of Greek and Roman sculptures. As a teenager I spent a lot of time in the museum to draw.

For me creating a museal installation which depict human attitudes, appears to create the missing link to make memory more complete.