A Fascinating Game to Foster Thinking out of the Box

As a visual artist and educator, I started in 2023 to explore the potential of creative thinking and creative learning by building a game around the principles of Jeroen Lutters art-based learning.  Creative thinking and creative learning are two concepts that go hand in hand. Creative thinking is the ability to come up with new ideas, while creative learning is the process of using those ideas to create something tangible. The connection between these two concepts lies in their shared goal of creating meaningful solutions to problems or challenges.

Jeroen Lutters is an art and culture analyst and educational designer whose work focuses on the importance of integrating arts and humanities into contemporary education. He believes that artist educators should be seen as “wandering teachers”, who can help to bridge the gap between traditional academic learning methods with more creative approaches to teaching.

Lutter’s critical educational theory centers around art-based learning, which allows students to explore their own creativity while gaining a deeper understanding of subject material.

Maker’s Path – An Exciting Experimental Game

Maker’s Path is an innovative experimental game designed to enhance creativity and foster to think out of the box. Players can unleash their imagination during making drawings or designing. Here are some basic elements of Maker’s Path:

There are no specific objectives imposed on players, allowing them to create freely.

Creative Tools: Materials that empower players to express their creativity like drawing material, material to build structures, a simple pen and paper is also enough. 

You can play it in various environments like lush forests, sprawling cities, serene beaches, or fantastical realms, each with its own distinct aesthetics and possibilities.

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