OSBS De Kameleon – vernieuwing schoolplein

This plan has been developed through a collaboration between children and parents from the Vogelbuurt neighborhood, teachers from Openbare Sportieve Basisschool De Kameleon, Christine Saalfeld (artist), and Bart van Lieshout (art productions related to children and nature).


Together with children, parents, and the neighborhood, to create an engaging green and inviting meeting place. A place where children can play outdoors during and after school hours. With opportunities for running, biking, soccer, basketball, table tennis, as well as climbing, crawling, strength testing, hiding, and experiencing nature through more green areas.


  • More varied play for children!
  • Positive pedagogical environment in the outdoor space!
  • Aligns with the curriculum and the profile of osbs De Kameleon!
  • To provide a positive boost to the neighborhood!

initial situation




Initiator and project coordinator: Adrie Notenboom

Fundraising: Adrie Notenboom, Bart van Lieshout, Christine Saalfeld

Spatial object design and layout: Christine Saalfeld

Greenery and nature trail: Bart van Lieshout

Implementation: Wout Rockx, Kinderdesign Tharandt, GKB Barendrecht, Bart van Lieshout, and Christine Saalfeld

The project has been made possible thanks to a contribution from: Stichting Dorpsplein Carnisse, Deltaport Donatiefonds, Opzomermee/Gebiedscommissie Charlois, Jantje Beton, Volkskracht, CBK Rotterdam, Gph Verhagen.

Completion 2018