Recent projects

Art and Agriculture – Kunst und Landwirtschaft (CH)

The gap between urban and rural culture is becoming wider. While an idealized view of the countryside is common, the reality is that the countryside has rapidly modernized and transformed in a rural-industrialized society. These transformation will continue and create policy challenges because the use of land, materials and energy will increasingly meet natural limits.
How could public participation and small-scale agriculture help to find the balance between the different perspectives on sustainable development?

How can we understand today’s countryside in a vastly urbanized world?

Is the countryside the contrary of the city? Is it a place where ideas for the future emerge?

During the last 20 years my focus has gone to cities, urban needs, social diversity and inclusion. The incidental acquaintance between the Swiss artist and farmer Werner Neuhaus and me, is the starting point to investigate the topic ‘art and agriculture‘.

Wanner [433], Emmental (CH)

Tentakel 2020

The Tentakel season has just ended and we had a great team and wonderful weather.

Take a look at the pictures – they speak for themselves!

Marije Mooren, hoogstoel
Gerard Olthaar, performance

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Studio Visies

Joris Kuipers – atelier

Ter ondersteuning van mijn lessen was ik op zoek naar geschikt lesmateriaal over onderwerpen zoals het effect van kleuren op elkaar, compositie, signatuur/stijl, licht en schaduw, mensen verbeelden, portret, perspectief en de inspiratiebronnen van kunstenaars. Read more

Miss~ion M.A.R.S. (EU)

Maar Miss~ion M.A.R.S. is ook de fictieve personage van een REIZENDE die op onderzoek uitgaat. Door de uitwisseling met andere mensen en samenwerkverbanden ontstaat creatieve potentiaal en nieuwe perspectieven voor een veranderend beeld op Europese Identiteit.