In my work, I deal with questions of humanism, social philosophy, and art in public space. I explore aspects of day-to-day living and social interaction.  Like public and private space, social inclusion, interaction, engagement, and participation. Cities, streets, houses all become the sites of investigation in an on-going effort to better understand human nature and social cohabitation. I work in several mediums, including drawing, sculpture, and installations as well as public art.

Short Biography

Christine Saalfeld was born in Munich (Ger) in 1968. She studied art, design and philoso­phy at various schools including the University for Applied Arts and Design in Hamburg, Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem, Humboldt University in Berlin, and at the Piet Zwart Institute, centre for postgraduate studies and research, in Rotterdam.

In 2012, Saalfeld founded STAD-NOMADEN as a platform for spatial interventions and urban strategies. She teaches at St. Joost School of Art and Design since 2019.

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