When it comes to public art, there are many questions that arise. How do we create spaces that promote humanism and social inclusion? What is the impact of art in public space on our day-to-day lives? These are just some of the questions I explore as an artist working with these concepts.

My work focuses on understanding how people interact within their environment and how they engage with one another in shared spaces. Through my drawings, sculptures, installations, and other forms of public art I seek to bring attention to issues such as private versus public space; social inclusion; interaction; engagement and participation between individuals living together in cities or neighborhoods.

I believe that by creating meaningful works of art for all members of society—regardless, if it’s a sculpture placed at a city center or an installation inside someone’s home—we can foster greater understanding between people from different backgrounds who share common interests but may have never met otherwise due to cultural differences or geographical distances. By encouraging dialogue through artwork, we can help bridge gaps created by language barriers, socioeconomic disparities, and various other factors which divide us into “us” versus “them” camps. 

My goal is not only making aesthetic statements but also provide opportunities for learning about ourselves while connecting us more deeply with each other – ultimately leading towards positive changes within our societies both locally & globally!

Short Biography

Christine Saalfeld was born in Munich (Ger) in 1968. She studied art, design and philoso­phy at various schools including the University for Applied Arts and Design in Hamburg, Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem, Humboldt University in Berlin, and at the Piet Zwart Institute, centre for postgraduate studies and research, in Rotterdam.

In 2012, Saalfeld founded STAD-NOMADEN as a platform for spatial interventions and urban strategies. She teaches at St. Joost School of Art and Design since 2019.

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