Experiments with Felt

Experiments with felt, Pictura 2011

Experiments with felt inspired by a trip to Mongolia.

Mongolia is a developing country, and reminded me of the basic needs of existence, like safety, welfare and relationships. Developing countries and Western welfare states could learn from each other: on the one hand, to make sure that basic needs are fulfilled, and on the other, to remind us of what basic needs actually are. These thoughts were the starting point for my works, Felt Tapestries and The Sentinel. The felt tapestries denote the Mongolian tradition of felt making. Felt is still used for covers for portable Mongolian gers, carpets and cloth. Felt suggests protection and warmth, but the German word for felt (Filz) is also a synonym for cronyism. The drawings, which are felted into the tapestries, depict architectural motifs and refer to sketches I made during my stay in Mongolia.

Experiments with felt, Pictura, 2011