Upcoming Projects

Die Hängenden Gärten von Babylon, Zollbrück, Mai 2021

Art and Agriculture, Emmental/ Zuid-Holland, Stichting Stad-Nomaden 2020-2021

The Gardener’s House, Rotterdam, September 2021


OSBS De Kameleon – vernieuwing schoolplein

Initiator en project coördinator: Adrie Notenboom Fondswerving: Adrie Notenboom, Bart van Lieshout, Christine Saalfeld Ontwerp ruimtelijke objecten en inrichting: Christine Saalfeld Groen en natuurpad: Bart van Lieshout Realisatie: Wout Rockx, Kinderdesign Tharandt, GKB Barendrecht, Floradek, Bart van Lieshout en Christine Saalfeld Datum: 2018 Het project is mede mogelijk gemaakt dankzij een bijdrage van: Stichting Dorpsplein …

Bare House Project

Bare House, initiated and curated by Annu Wilenius [2011 – 2016] Each trip is different, but they are all based on the same rituals of transition: the departure, the passage and the arrival. For the exhibition in Ulaanbaatar, I wanted to focus on the influences the journey to Mongolia had on me. How do we …

Recent projects

Art and Agriculture – Kunst und Landwirtschaft (CH)

This site is dedicated to the interaction of art and agriculture. The home base is Wanner 433, a mountain farm in Switzerland, lead by Werner Neuhaus. He is visual artist and farmer. Part of the activities at Wanner 433are cultural events , an artist in residence program and artistic field research in rural areas. Wanner 433 implements projects in different cooperative partnerships. For more information about the project please visit the website: www.artandagriculture.net

Wanner 433, Emmental (CH)

Tentakel 2020

The Tentakel season has just ended and we had a great team and wonderful weather.

Take a look at the pictures – they speak for themselves!

Marije Mooren, hoogstoel
Gerard Olthaar, performance

For more information about the project please visit the website: www.stad-nomaden.nl

Studio Visies

Joris Kuipers – atelier

Ter ondersteuning van mijn lessen was ik op zoek naar geschikt lesmateriaal over onderwerpen zoals het effect van kleuren op elkaar, compositie, signatuur/stijl, licht en schaduw, mensen verbeelden, portret, perspectief en de inspiratiebronnen van kunstenaars. Read more

Miss~ion M.A.R.S. (EU)

Maar Miss~ion M.A.R.S. is ook de fictieve personage van een REIZENDE die op onderzoek uitgaat. Door de uitwisseling met andere mensen en samenwerkverbanden ontstaat creatieve potentiaal en nieuwe perspectieven voor een veranderend beeld op Europese Identiteit.


Christine Saalfeld, visual artist, lecturer AKV St.Joost

I’m dealing with questions of humanism, social philosophy and art in public space. I’m exploring aspects of day-to-day living and social interaction. Cities, streets, houses all become the sites of investigation in an on-going effort to better understand human nature and social cohabitation.

In 2020 I asked people on the street to give a spontaneous response on the question “What is freedom?”

Christine Saalfeld was born in Munich. She studied art, design and philosophy at various schools including the University for Applied Arts and Design in Hamburg, Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem and Humboldt University in Berlin.  In 2000 she moved to the Netherlands and continued her studies at the Piet Zwart Institute, centre for postgraduate studies and research, in Rotterdam. Greatly inspired by literature and philosophy, her early sculptures were composed of groupings of abstract and architectonical shapes. The dominant theme of her artistic work was from the beginning human habitation forms and the way those architectural forms relate to our state of consciousness.   Her way of working can be described as a journey along built environment, urban areas and landscape, observing their qualities and meanings. By using the means of drawing, photo and sculpture, she generates surreal image spaces, site-specific installations and art in public places. 



Gantelstraat 14

3044 AJ Rotterdam

mail (at) christinesaalfeld (dot) net