Christine Saalfeld is visual artist and explores aspects of day to day living and social interaction. Public and private space, social inclusion, interaction, engagement and participation. Cities, streets, houses all become the sites of investigation in an ongoing effort to better understand human nature and social cohabitation.



p u b l i c a t i o n


 As an Art Form of Social


This work is about experiences, projects and meetings with people in Rotterdam Zuid. The focus is on the quality of coexistance in terms of poverty, unemployment and how these circumstances could effect the quality of life. It is possible that the quality of life is beter because people actually need each other; when they need each other, they tend to form a coalition instead of competing with each other.


The book: The Art of Cohabitation, 112 Seiten, s/w/dublex, Softcover, EUR 13,-, edition Stad-Nomaden, NL/Eng/D, published 2017.